A video glimpse inside The BlomWEB Viewer

In January we introduced you to the BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ by publishing a range of videos. These highlighted the functionalities and abilities that BlomDESKTOP viewer provides when used with a range of geospatial datasets. After receiving some great feedback on these videos we decided to follow up with a series on the BlomWEB Viewer™.

BlomWEB Viewer is a front end web application developed to meet the requirements of the average user, which harnesses the power of BlomURBEX but removes the requirement for the customer to code their own application using the API. BlomWEB Viewer also connects to external WMS services, allowing the user to access different public or private hosted datasets.

The beauty of BlomWEB is it that it is great for beginners and intermediate geospatial users. It has simple tools that allow you to pan, zoom and export imagery – great if all you require is imagery for reports.  If you require additional functionality the advanced tools allows you to interrogate the imagery, measure, annotate, overlay vector data (Shape, kml etc) and create /export shape files.

Our clients have been very enthusiastic about BlomWEB, using it throughout their organisations for viewing their BlomOBLIQUE and BlomORTHO datasets, for applications such as emergency planning, exporting imagery for evidence reports and preliminary site surveys.

We have now also formed relationships with Map providers OnYourMap and UbiEst, allowing us to have national coverage of top class mapping data, routing ability plus a powerful geocoding tool…you can see this in action in the videos below.

The BlomWEB viewer is enhanced by the easy access to the Blom product range. From our vast coverage of BlomOBLIQUE and Blom3D to the national datasets of vertical aerial imagery that are now available on BlomURBEX. We can of course tile and host your own datasets if needed.

But don’t just take my word for it; take a look at the videos below. If you would like to know more about BlomWEB Viewer or our aerial imagery products then contact me for a free demo!