Area supplied to Thames Water

Blom provides oblique imagery to Thames Water for Thames Tunnel project

Guest Blog by Greg Lewis, Sales & Business Development Executive at Blom.

It is estimated that around 39 million cubic meters of raw sewage flows into the River Thames each year, from 57 combined sewage overflow (CSO) outlets located along the edge of the river. With the population of London approaching eight million, this problem is set to worsen. The Thames Tunnel is the proposed solution, designed specifically to handle the needs of a mega city in the 21st century.
The proposed Thames Tunnel would carry sewerage overflow up to 67m underground in a new system of tunnels 7.2m in diameter. With its preferred route covering 25km along the River Thames, it is set to be one of the largest construction projects in Europe and is estimated to take six to seven years to complete. Construction is due to start in 2016.

Area supplied to Thames Water. Background data courtesy of OnYourMap
Thames Water supplied area. Background data courtesy of OnYourMap

When the enquiry came in from Thames Water, this was seen as an exciting project to be part of and would make great use of Blom’s high resolution oblique images of London. There are many iconic landmarks along the route which shows off the unique visual properties that the BlomOBLIQUE imagery has. The level of detail visible on the imagery and the “bird’s eye” orientation makes it an ideal platform for investigative work of this type.

The London Eye - BlomOBLIQUE
A BlomOBLIQUE of the London Eye

Blom provided Thames Water with access to its online Geoserver (BlomURBEX) where the imagery was served. The solution allowed the customer to login and view the data using an existing Blom ArcGIS plug-in. This then allows the imagery to be manipulated and used in a variety of ways, from measuring elevation, area and looking at certain features in detail.

The imagery will be used by Thames Water for inclusion into reports and for consumption as a map service in the ESRI ArcGIS environment.