BlomWEB Workshop #3 – Blom3D

Back in July we wrote a small Blog workshop for BlomWEB [intlink id=”3956″ type=”post”]highlighting the vector support[/intlink]. We’ve another one for you, and this time we will take a look at the Blom3D viewer found inside BlomWEB.
Let’s hand over to Jason to take us through it…

Today we’re going to explore the 3D city model viewer in more detail. We will use Bristol as our example area. I’ve chosen a random area just outside the city centre, next to Queens Square.

BlomWEB viewing BlomOBLIQUE

Currently we’re just viewing the oblique imagery. To view Blom3D, we need to select ‘3D’ from the main view switch tool in the upper right of the screen;

BlomWEB view selection menu

If this is the first time you have used BlomWEB, and in particular Blom3D, you will need to download a small browser plug-in in order for the 3D viewer to function. It’s currently supported for Internet Explorer (7 >), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Blom3D models viewed in BlomWEB

Once installed and you’ve selected 3D from the view selector, you should see something like the above. This is what we call ‘LOD4’, which in essence are block models + roof detail + photo texturing. There is an option to change the LOD (Level of Detail) which I’ll explain later on.

Down in the lower right hand corner you will find the control panel. This is very straight forward to use and is explained below in more detail;

Blom3D viewer controls

Alternatively you can simply control the viewer using the mouse; click and hold the left button and pull the mouse around will move the viewer in that direction. The right button will move the orientation of the view (tilt and pan). You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

To change the LOD is very simple; just select the corresponding LOD image as found in the control panel;

LOD selection

From left to right we have;

  • LOD1 – Basic block models
  • LOD2 – Basic block models + roof detail
  • LOD3 – Basic block models + roof detail + generic automated textures (available on request)
  • LOD4 – Basic block models + roof detail + photo-realistic textures
Different levels of detail

One of the other functions available is the edit tool. This will allow you to perform basic alterations (stored in local cache only) to the models. To enable the edit mode just press ‘E’ on the keyboard.

Editing Blom3D models in BlomWEB

The edit mode will allow you to select buildings, reposition them, delete and change the textures. For example I’ve changed the texture on the side of this building to the Blom logo;

Changing textures on the fly

You can, if you have your own 3D data, load this into the view too. Providing the data is in OBJ format, you’re able to drag the model into the window and have it appear in real time;

OBJ model imported into BlomWEB

As an example I’ve used one of our BlomLANDMARKS™ of the Velodrome from the Olympic Park in London. I simply dragged the model file into the viewer and it appears as a selectable object, just like the other models. And in case you were wondering, the Velodrome would fit into Queens Square in Bristol quite nicely!

Using the Blom3D API you can do a whole host of interesting things. One example is embedded adverts into the façades of buildings. For example we’ve used an old PS3 advert for a Wolverine game;

Embedded adverts in Blom3D viewer

It’s an active object, so basically when a user double-clicks on the advert, it triggers a very simple JavaScript command to initiate whatever its pre-programmed to do, in this case it’s play the trailer;

Embedded objects in Blom3D

Hopefully that gives you a little taster of the functionality in Blom3D, as well as giving you a better understanding of how to perform the functions. If you’re interested in finding out more about Blom3D, please check out our main website, or contact us for a free demo using the link below.

[intlink id=”3652″ type=”page”]CLICK TO CONTACT US FOR A DEMO[/intlink]