Update on Blom3D


This week our CTO, Nils Karbø  provides an update on Blom’s current 3D offering…

Whilst we all live and move in three dimensions, Cartographers, from all times have had the challenge to represent reality in two dimensions – the Map. Different techniques have been used to describe the third dimension, Contour lines are a normal way of presenting heights, shadows are another. Using modern technology, computers, mobile phones and high quality processing and display abilities we now experience a new world of opportunities to visualise our three dimensions on a two dimensional medium. All this requires is one important factor; High quality data in three dimensions – x, y, z.

We have been working in the 3D industry for many years and believe that the flexibility to meet customer requirements is key, some customers want light weight, simple models, other customers want highly detailed, accurate master pieces…at Blom we pride ourselves with the ability to provide the customer with a range of model types.

The Blom3D™ offering can be divided in the following product ranges:

Blom basic 3D for navigation and visualisation.

This dataset is our most comprehensive 3D dataset and covers in excess of 350 cities globally. The dataset consists of more than 20 million buildings, all modeled with detailed roof structures and with imagery from our extensive aerial oblique library (BlomOBLIQUE) draped on the façades. This dataset is consistently maintained and updated on the basis of new and updated imagery. The whole dataset is available as an online service for pc and mobile devices, but also in offline deliveries via industry-standard export formats.

Blom3D of Oslo

Blom Landmarks.

BlomLANDMARKS contain highly detailed models of representative buildings or urban structures (landmarks), all perfectly integrated into our Blom3D data models. BlomLANDMARKS can be delivered as a standalone product and produced on request and there are more than 3,000 global landmarks  are now available. 

BlomLANDMARKS Union Buildings South Africa

Blom LiDAR.

The BlomLiDAR™ product contains edited and classified point-clouds, captured from airborne or mobile laser scanners. BlomLiDAR is characterised by high accuracy and high density, designed specifically to meet customer requirements. LiDAR point clouds can also be analysed and given enhanced value for end-users by our experts. For example, these enhancements can include: volume calculations, visualisation exercises or line of sight analysis. BlomLiDAR is usually completed as bespoke projects, but can also be delivered from our current archive libraries, available for online or offline access. Ask us for coverage for BlomLiDAR.

BlomLiDAR – London

Blom High Quality 3D.

Using LiDAR point cloud, existing 3D vector data and BlomOBLIQUE imagery, highly accurate and detailed 3D-models can be created. This product is defined as BlomHQ 3D and is tailored for smaller project areas where requirements for accuracy and details are extremely high. Data input can be all or some of the sources described above.

We are dedicating this month to 3D, and we will be sharing some more samples of our data along with some exciting fly-through’s. We recently completed a fantastic new revision of our 3D model of Oslo, which we have made this our ‘Image Of The Week‘ and also our desktop calendar image for June…we hope you like it and our other offerings this month!

June 2013 calendar - Blom3D of Oslo