Blom3D Cityscapes from Chisel & Mouse

Our Blom3D product covers a wide range of uses; from visualisation, city planning, radio mapping, solar potential, the list goes on…but what about turning them into physical models you can see and touch?

We were approached by Gavin and Robert from Chisel & Mouse, who produce beautiful architectural sculptures, which are works of art in their own right. The guys wanted to explore whether our Blom3D models would be suitable for production into full physical models, and as it turns out they were perfect!

A render of Blom3D LOD2 block models

The models are provided to Chisel & Mouse in standard 3D file format, which is then manipulated in a mixture of Solidworks and Google Sketchup to make them ready for 3D-printing on SLS machines. A silicone rubber mould is then taken from the 3D printed parts, which are pieced together in sections before finally being cast in resin.

How the model looks once complete

Scaled at 1:2500, the Gherkin from their London Cityscape stands at just over 7cm (shown above). The models are currently available in three variations;

  • Framed with metal map and magnetic backed tiles
  • Framed with permanently fixed tiles to a coloured perspex sheet
  • Set of felt-backed tiles
A framed model with metallic map
Each tile is removable to show the mapping detail undearneath

The Cityscapes can also be tailored to individual or business needs – scales can be changed, more detail can be added, colours can be altered and properties highlighted to stand out.

If you’d like to find out more about Cityscapes, get in touch with Gavin and Robert at Chisel & Mouse.