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    Journal: Statsbyggnad No. 2, 2011
    April, 2011

    Summary: The Swedish Government on a proposal from the Climate and Vulnerability investigation, commissioned the National Land Survey to capture a new national elevation model with high accuracy. The main supplier of data collection is BLOM.

    Language of article: Swedish

    For more information please contact Peter Larsson, Blom Sweden

Spain, January - February, 2011

Interview with Mr. Jan Skybak, Managing Director of Blom Spain

Mapping 145

Journal: Magazine Mapping Nr. 145 

Summary: Magazine Mapping presented an interview with Mr. Jan Skybak, Managing Director of Blom Spain who represents Blom Group on the spanish, portuguese and latin american markets. Main topics of the interview were our new projects in the regions, the new R&D center in Valladolid and the new role of Mr. Skybak within the Blom Group.

Language of article: Spanish

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