Oslo, Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Aerialogics Expands into Europe with New Partnership

Aerialogics Expands into Europe with New Partnership

As an esteemed aerial measurement services industry leader, Aerialogics has announced a newly signed contract giving the company exclusive rights to access one of the largest geographic imagery databases in Europe. The large-scale provider, BlomASA, is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with business operations spanning across 13 different countries. Specializing in geospatial services, Blom caters to companies, private and government organizations by providing access to its unique spatial databases composed of maps, images and 3D models. Blom's quality aerial imagery has resolutions averaging 10-15 cm per pixel, with several images reaching as precise as 4cm per pixel. Captured in a series of flights with high resolution cameras attached, the image database covers more than 4,000 European cities in detail.

The long-term agreement provides Aerialogics with access to all BlomOBLIQUE™ datasets as well as parts of the BlomORTHO™ product layer. Presenting an opportunity to create high added-value applications and services, Aerialogics will be utilizing the advanced models to expand on their highly acclaimed expertise. Already known for the accuracy of their aerial measurements, the company would be able to further increase the measurement precision of structures and properties with the additional datasets.

"Aerialogics is proud to partner with Blom and have access to their world-renowned image database and sophisticated GeoServer technology, BlomURBEX™," states Andrew Zickell, Vice President of Global Strategy at Aerialogics.

"Blom is very excited about partnering with Aerialogics to enter into a new market segment. The combination of Aerialogics' expertise and proven success in the US market, coupled with Blom's unique European coverage, provides a truly compelling offering to the European market," says Magnus Olson, Assistant Vice President of Sales at Blom Group.

Aerialogics currently serves the Roofing, Insurance and Solar industries in the United States and Canada, and anticipates the introduction of their aerial measurement services to the European market.

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