Oslo, Saturday, January 1, 2000

Blom and Pictometry has signed the agreement for extension into 2018 and coverage of oblique imagery into markets throughout Eastern Europe.

Blom ASA has extended and expanded its international technology license with Pictometry International Corp., a leading provider of geo-referenced aerial image technologies, whose patented and proprietary technology is used globally to capture oblique imagery, through 2018. The agreement broadens the company’s international reach into markets throughout Eastern Europe. The agreement now comprises 43 countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

“The extension of this business agreement and its broadening over time demonstrates our continued confidence in the value Pictometry technologies can provide to markets around the world,” said Håkon Jacobsen, CEO of Blom. Blom, the leading European Geographic Information company, has been licensing Pictometry technologies since 2005, and has built an extensive image database based on their oblique aerial images technology. “We are pleased to have a long-term relationship in place with a technology leader, particularly as demand for oblique imagery continues to grow”, Håkon continues.

“We look forward to expanding our successful business relationship with Blom and enhancing our European market presence for oblique imagery technology,” said Robert Carroll, president of the international division of Pictometry. 

For more information, contact:

Jan Erik Braathen, CFO Blom ASA, email:, or
tel. + 47 22 13 19 24. 

About Pictometry
Pictometry International Corp. is a leading provider of geo-referenced, aerial image libraries and related software in the USA. Pictometry has captured over 50 million digital aerial images in over 600 counties in the United States covering over 70 percent of the United States population. Using its proprietary imaging process, Pictometry® captures geo-referenced, high-resolution oblique (at an angle, producing a 3-D like view) and orthogonal (straight down) Intelligent Images®, within which structures and land features can be measured. Pictometry customizes and markets these technologies for government and commercial applications, offering non-traditional software solutions to aerial imaging needs. Pictometry’s imagery and software enables users to “See Everywhere, Measure Anything, Plan Everything”® using a patented digital information system. Pictometry has its headquarters in Rochester, NY and an office in Europe. Pictometry is a second order visualization tool that does not produce authoritative or definitive information (surveying) from its digital, aerial images. For more information on Pictometry, visit

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