Oslo, Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Blom and Cyclomedia have signed an exclusive franchise agreement to produce BlomSTREET™ in the territories of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and are currently investigating similar agreements for other territories in Southern Europe.

Cyclomedia’s well-known family of data models will be distributed by Blom as part of  the brand BlomSTREET™, adding to Blom’s vast European collection of geographical Data Models such as BlomOBLIQUE™ and BlomORTHO™. All of Blom’s street level imagery will be viewable in Blom’s GIS Viewing applications BlomWEB Viewer™ and BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ - giving fast and easy access to the product.

“With this agreement we get an important addition to our line of products and Blom is now able to supply a full range of geographical data to its customers”, says Juan Mieza, Product manager at Blom. “We have seen how street level imagery provides many of our customers with a powerful new level of functionality and we are proud that Blom can now offer both data collection and use of street level imagery in professional GIS environments” he continues.

Cyclomedia´s technology gives reliable and geographically accurate street level spherical images with metric capabilities. This makes the product extremely useful for street asset inventory of, for example, lamp posts and road signs or for mapping of street assets. The product will be offered as both tailor- made contracting work and as off-the-shelf products.

Blom already has a number of customers currently using BlomSTREET as during this summer Blom completed a pilot projects across the Nordic countries , additional territories in Southern Europe are planned to be incorporated into this partnership.

About Cyclomedia

CycloMedia is the market leader in the large-scale and systematic imaging of the environment based on Cycloramas (360 degree panoramic photographs). Thanks to the unique recording and processing techniques developed by CycloMedia, each day large areas are captured on photographs and placed in an online database. Each recording is tagged with the location, orientation and time, which facilitates a large number of applications, including 3D measuring and modeling. Amongst other things, the Cycloramas are used by the central government, local authorities, provincial authorities, district water boards, the police, estate agents, financial institutions and insurance companies. User possibilities are to display photographs of the surrounding area when selling or valuing property, evaluating planning applications, evaluating the outdoor environment and for analyzing risks for insurance applications. Cycloramas are not just a standalone product; they can be used as part of various other products and solutions. The combination of experience, patented technology and strategic partnerships allows CycloMedia to provide its customers with total solutions. Cyclomedia have more than 200 employees and offices in 10 countries, HQ is located in Waardenburg, Netherlands. Nordic office is in Gothenburg Sweden. For more information visit


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