Oslo, Friday, October 28, 2011
Blom announces the strengthening of their Executive Management Team by new appointments and reorganisation of local offices.

New appointments

Blom has made new appointments and taken the important decision to restructure its business to strengthen the company and to enable profitable expansion. The reorganisation will allow the business to become more competitive both on an international and local level.

At executive management level Blom has appointed three Vice Presidents responsible for the company's core activities.

Innovation & Special Projects - Giovanni Banchini has stepped up to champion the innovation within the Blom Group. Giovanni has over twenty years experience in aerophotogrammetry, remote sensing and geomatics and has worked for Blom CGR since 1988.

Sales & Marketing - Jan Skybak now leads the sales and marketing strategy for the group. Jan joined Blom in 2010 as Managing Director of Blom Spain and has over 30 years experience in the fields of international sales & marketing and general management, bringing a wealth of expertise to his role.

Operations - Dave Fox has taken on the role of coordinating operations and managing the vast resources available to Blom. Dave joined Blom UK as Managing Director in 2010, having previously worked for Infoterra for over 19 years, and has a wealth of knowledge of the survey industry.

Dirk Blaauw and Lars Bakklund, in the positions of CEO and CFO respectively, continue to add value to the company with their long managerial experience.

CEO Dirk Blaauw comments: "It is a very exciting time for Blom. The strengthening of the executive team, strategically taken from within the organisation, will ensure that implementations within sales and operations are based on sound knowledge of our business and competences".

New organization

At local level Blom has restructured its many offices into five main operating areas; Blom Nordics, Blom Mid Europe, Blom Iberia & Latin America, Blom Eastern Europe and Blom South Europe. All regional operating areas will reflect the group's core activities.

Blom has also identified five core market segments and will strengthen product offerings tailored to these markets. The defined market segments are defence & security, resources & environment, government & public administration, utilities & infrastructure and web & mobile solutions. The aim is to make the company's vast range of services more accessible and enable rapid delivery of innovative solutions to these target sectors at a competitive cost. Blom will be able to continue in diversifying their products and services yet maintain a strong focus on their customers' needs and future expectations.

Blom has an extremely diverse product portfolio. " Internally the new organization will allow us to be more efficient, reduce costs and respond more quickly to the needs of our customers and prospects" says Jan Skybak. " Externally we hope that this new organization will better reflect our world-class competences and show the global strength we have as a geospatial solutions provider."

About Blom

The BLOM Group is the largest provider of geospatial services in Europe. BLOM owns an exclusive spatial database composed of maps, images and 3D models. BLOM provides its data and solutions to customers within multiple markets and allows its partners to create added-value applications based on BLOM data models and services. The strategy is backed by BLOM's major technical capacity in aircrafts, cameras, laser scanners and mapping systems.

BLOM has more than 1,000 employees and offices in 13 countries and its HQ is located in Oslo, Norway. BLOM is listed on the Oslo Stock Excha nge (ticker BLO). For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact Marketing & Communications Manager Linda Byström,

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