Oslo, Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Stock Exchange Notification
Blom awarded NOK 20 million contract for Bathymetric survey

Blom Aerofilms Ltd, Blom’s subsidiary in the UK, has signed a NOK 20 million contract with Service Hydrographique et Oceanographique de la Marine (SHOM), the French Ministry of Defence body responsible for marine charting, to execute a survey using the Hawkeye LiDAR technology. The project undertakes a detailed aerial survey over an area of some 1,500km in the Indian Ocean. The project will gather, in total, more than 3,000 sq. km. of new data.

The project is due to start in May 2009, and expected project completion is end of third quarter 2010.

The Hawkeye system is a LiDAR (laser scanning) instrument for simultaneous bathymetric and topographic surveys. Bathymetric surveys are laser scanning of the coastline, both seabed and land. Hawkeye represents one of the leading bathymetric technologies available on the market.

Blom is proud SHOM has chosen the Blom Group as a partner to execute this project, which underlines Blom’s success within this important focus area. Blom expects further large contracts for Bathymetry in the future.

For further information please contact the CEO, Mr. Håkon Jacobsen, on tel. +47 22 13 19 33 or CFO Jan Erik Braathen on tel. +47 22 13 19 24.

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