London, Saturday, January 1, 2000

Off-the-shelf solution of 4cm resolution fully orthorectified aerial images enables new potential for this unique dataset.

Blom Aerofilms, Blom's subsidiary in UK, today announced the capture of new aerial images of central London with the highest resolution currently available. The newly created orthorectified dataset provides a powerful visualisation and modelling resource that enables architects, urban planners and property developers to simulate a real world context for future design and development considerations.

The high resolution detail visible in the imagery has given CAD and GIS users a completely new level of understanding of the real world environment. This can be overlaid with asset data or other user information to enable more informed decisions to be made. Blom can also provide controlled stereo pairs for customers to produce their own mapping, digital terrain models or highly detailed 3D cityscapes. Engineering projects can now be surveyed without the time consuming process of seeking approval for costly aerial surveys. In an industry where 25cm and 12.5cm image solutions have become standard, the newly captured 4cm resolution datasets are the most up to date and fully orthorectified available.

“Blom Aerofilms is committed to providing new and innovative aerial data that meets the ever increasing needs of our customers,” said David Critchley, Managing Director of Blom UK. “We are really excited about the level of resolution we have managed to achieve. Whilst it is bound to raise a few eyebrows, we guarantee the imagery is 4cm resolution and has not been sub-sampled. In fact, at its Western extent, the proximity to Heathrow forced us to fly so low it is actually 2.5cm resolution.”

This new 4cm imagery dataset complements the existing Blom aerial imagery solution which comprises oblique and orthographic images of over 120 towns and cities across Great Britain and 1000 cities across Europe. Whilst capturing the 4cm imagery Blom has also acquired high resolution 50cm LiDAR data for the same area in London, which is also available from Blom for a wide range of architectural, engineering and urban planning purposes.

About the Project

In 2007, Blom embarked upon a high resolution image capture programme of London, initially focusing on an area in excess of 500 square kilometres of the city centre. Recognising the often prohibitive process of acquiring flight permissions, and capturing and processing the data required, Blom decided to create an off-the-shelf solution to cater for the image and mapping requirements of one of the most congested airspaces in the world.

Following the success of this campaign, Blom has extended its coverage of the 4cm high resolution datasets for London. This week saw the successful addition of three further London boroughs, with more to follow over the coming months

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