Cheddar, Monday, June 20, 2011

Blom are pleased to announce the completion of the Data Integration Framework Agreement with Ordnance Survey in the UK.

This agreement has been in operation since 2002 and provided Ordnance Survey with aerial imagery and mapping services. These services were used to maintain the currency, accuracy and information content of Ordnance Survey’s core databases.

Over the course of the framework Blom has delivered in excess of 100,000 sq kms covering the disciplines of aerial photography, image processing, ortho-rectification, imagery mosaics and digital map update.

The services provided within the framework were completed in the respective offices of Blom UK (Cheddar) and Blom Romania (Targoviste). Since 2002 this has involved close to 150 staff, all passing through the joint Blom-Ordnance Survey accreditation program.

Blom have been recently awarded a place on the new “Ordnance Survey Supply and Maintenance of Geospatial Data Contract” and look forward to continuing our production partnership with the Ordnance Survey.

For more details, contact Blom UK at, take a look at the Blom UK Blog at, and check out their website:

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