Oslo, Saturday, January 1, 2000

Blom has entered into a letter of intent with the Spanish company Opera Wireless for the development of software for a new generation of portable navigation devices (PNDs). Blom will be responsible for the image database that will be used in the development of the new PNDs, and thus represent a key part of the final product. Opera Wireless will be responsible for the development of software, as well as the development of the PNDs in cooperation with the Spanish company Blu:Sens. The aim is to launch the newly developed products on the Spanish market in the fourth quarter of 2007, and Blom intends to launch the personal navigation devices in the rest of Europe after that.

- This agreement represents a potential exciting expansion of the market for use of Blom's unique oblique aerial photo database in 3D quality. Together with Opera Wireless, we have good prospects of gaining a foothold in Spain and then the rest of Europe over time. The PND market is showing strong growth, and we are positioned to play a key role in the market for personal navigation devices with our map data and unique image database, says Dirk Blaauw, CEO of Blom.

The letter of intent between the three companies aims to change the end-users' experience by no longer using normal maps for navigation, but authentic aerial photos in 3D quality instead. This will give the users a more authentic and richer experience that will make it easier for them to orient themselves in unfamiliar locations.

Very exciting partners for Blom

Both Opera Wireless and Blu:Sens are very interesting commercial partners for Blom. The two Spanish companies complement each other. Opera Wireless is a leading company in the development of wireless technology and service for the telecommunications industry, while Blu:Sens has experienced tremendous growth with innovative development and marketing of electronic consumer devices since its startup in 2002.

For further information, contact:

Dirk Blaauw, CEO of Blom, tel. 22 13 19 23

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