Oslo, Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Blom has completed first forty high quality 3D models of cities throughout Europe

Blom has completed the production of the first 40 high quality 3D models, Blom3D®, of European cities. The Blom3D® models have been delivered to Tele Atlas for integration into navigation; LBS and mapping solutions.

Blom, the leading European company within collection and processing of map information, has completed the production of the first 40 Blom3D®s of European cities. Tele Atlas, the leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions, has already announced that they have launched the photorealistic buildings and blocks created by Blom, as part of their navigation solutions. Their solution, named Advanced City Models, will enhance the user-experience of any navigator integrating the solution.

With the release of Advanced City Models, we are quickly delivering increasingly rich, powerful content to our customers that enhance their products and applications,” said Tele Atlas CEO Bill Henry. “Our partnership with Blom and our new advanced production capabilities allow us to deliver the industry’s most detailed, realistic 3D maps and provide a superior experience for the end user in more cities than ever before.”

Blom has produced 3D models on contract basis for our customers for several years”, says Håkon Jacobsen CEO of Blom ASA, continuing”however with the completion of the first 40 Blom3D®s we have reached a milestone for Blom where we have been able to industrialize the production process. Blom aim at being the leading provider of 3D city models globally, both in terms of quality and quantity”.

Blom3D® is produced in four different definition levels; 3D blocks, 3D blocks including roof details, pattern-texturized 3D blocks with roof details and full real image-view texturized 3D buildings. The real image view texturized buildings are created by combining oblique aerial images based on Pictometry® technology with the 3D blocks. Blom3D® provides three-dimensional representations of major city centers, including buildings and city blocks. The Advanced City Models by Tele Atlas, based on Blom3D®, are designed for use in navigation systems and location-based applications. Advanced City Models dramatically improve the clarity and reality of screen images within in-car and portable navigation systems and mobile devices. With the 3D models users are able to see the actual surroundings, helping them more easily find locations and points of interest.

By the end of third quarter 2009 Blom3D® models of 100 cities throughout Europe and North America will be completed. Blom3D® will be available for online streaming through Blom’s geo server BlomURBEX®. In addition to Tele Atlas’ focus on navigation, location based services and internet portals, Blom3D® are useful in a number of industries and applications such as government and municipalities for rural and urban planning, security services, geo referenced search and emergency services.

Blom has established a production process for high quality, detailed Blom3D® models allowing for production of five to ten cities a week. This is a record-high speed taken into account the quality and detail level of the models, and it demonstrates Blom’s ability to establish itself as market leader within this industry.

For further information please contact:

Jan Erik Braathen, CFO of Blom ASA
Tel. +47 22 13 19 24.

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