Oslo, Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Blom has signed agreement with KLP Skadeforsikring for use of oblique aerial images in insurance industry

Blom has signed an agreement with KLP Skadeforsikring for use of oblique aerial images within the insurance industry in Norway. The agreement gives KLP Skadeforsikring access to Blom’s unique geographical server, BlomURBEX™, to allow users the opportunity to download oblique and vertical (straight) aerial images.

KLP Skadeforsikring will among other use the imagery for analysis of buildings and other risks related to tender processes, documentation of insured objects, settlement documentation, review and analysis of existing portfolio and in relation to cumulative analysis.

In our daily work we are dependent on calculating risk of, and insurance value on, many different types of constructions. Earlier, this resulted in a lot of travelling for our employees, as our customers’ buildings are located throughout Norway. The new tool now allow us to measure and perform visual risk analysis through the screen. We believe this will save us time, resources and travel expenses, and we look forward to using the new tool from Blom”, says Liv-Aina Ringdal, Underwriter KLP Skadeforsikring AS.

The agreement with KLP Skadeforsikring represents another new market for our unique geographical server, BlomURBEX™, and our oblique imagery, and we are very excited about the opportunities this will create in the future”, says Dirk Blaauw, CEO Blom.

Blom’s database of oblique aerial images consists of unique oblique aerial images covering more than 1,000 city areas, and 4,000 individual cities, in Europe. The images, which are based on Pictometry® technology, have a high degree of detail and allow users to see an object in the photo from five different angles. The images are geographically referenced, which enables the user to measure for example heights, lengths and areal in buildings and objects, read the height above sea for any point in the image to for example be able to assess flood risk, and compare historical and existing images to find potential changes in an object, real estate or area. Access to BlomURBEX™ greatly improves efficiency in the insurance industry as the server in a few keystrokes give access to valuable information.

For further information please contact:

Lars Bakklund, CFO Blom ASA
Tel: +47 22 13 19 20

About KLP
KLP Skadeforsikring AS was established in 1993 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the KLP group. KLP is the market leader and total supplier of insurance to the public sector. In addition, KLP provides insurance to an increasing number of companies and organisations. Moreover, KLP see strong growth in supplying insurances to real estate housing and joint ownerships, and bus and transport companies. Head office is located in Oslo, Norway.

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