Oslo, Saturday, January 1, 2000
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In 2006 Blom announced a 5-year agreement with Microsoft Corp. regarding use of Blom’s oblique image database for all cities with more than 50 000 inhabitants in 23 European countries, i.e. approximately 1 000 cities. These images can be viewed on Microsoft’s Live Search Maps site,

The initial capturing of the database is in the final stage of completion. In order to ensure that the database is always updated, Blom will regularly capture images of the areas in the 23 countries. Furthermore, Blom has decided to expand the database of oblique images to 20 countries in the eastern part of Europe.

As part of Microsoft’s 5-year commitment, Microsoft will be consuming portions of the updated and additional imagery as it is made available by Blom. This will be formalized in an agreement between Microsoft and Blom.

Blom expects the delivery of updates and additional imagery to have a total value of NOK 200 million the next two years.

Blom is thrilled that Microsoft has decided to expand the extent of its cooperation.

Blom’s database is the largest uniform database of its kind. Blom believes the database could form the basis for future web-based solutions as well as future solutions within navigation and location based services to the fast growing market for mobile phones and other handheld wireless terminals.

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