, Saturday, January 1, 2000

Blom has launched its online platform BlomURBEX to deliver high-resolution oblique and vertical images of cities, towns and urban areas. The platform meets the growing demand for online access for the delivery of high quality images of over 1,000 European cities to either desktop or mobile devices for commercial and consumer solutions.

Application developers will be able to use BlomURBEX’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to build applications that use Blom’s rich data for consumer applications such as navigation and commercial applications for example urban planning, site appraisal and commercial property underwriting. The platform allows developers to create applications compatible with existing web and mobile platforms, including Windows, Symbian, iPhone, Java J2EE/JMEE and Linux.

Through the online delivery of the data and the BlomURBEX API’s, developers will be able to build aerial imagery seamlessly into applications adding functionality and depth that was previously was not possible. BlomURBEX content has already been used to create a new iPhone application allowing users to navigate with oblique images. The content can also be integrated into property development or underwriting processes, allowing access to detailed information and measurements of a property or an area to be made online without having to incur costly site visits.

Blom has a dedicated fleet of planes, deployed for the collection of high quality, high-resolution images which cover over 60% of the European population with up to 10cm resolution. BlomURBEX has been specifically developed to host this volume of data which can be accessed by a number of users and streamed via a range of applications through any access network, including LAN, internet or mobile, resolving large memory capacity requirements for the user.

“Blom has developed BlomURBEX in response to the increasing demand for this type of data, particularly in the mobile, navigation and web environments,” said Håkon Jacobsen, CEO, Blom. “There is no limit to the use of geo-referenced images and our unique offering allows access to the most up to date, detailed and accurate data that currently exists on 1,000 European cities and towns. We are excited to be part of such an innovative and growing technology sector and look forward to working with a number of different application developers on their use of BlomURBEX. ”

For more information please contact:

Ignacio Albisu, Blom Spain

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