United Kingdom, Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Blom launches v2.0 of BlomDESKTOP Viewer™, a desktop application for geospatial data

Following a successful launch BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ version 2.0 has been released, with enhanced features and a collection of new functionalities, tools and datasets. BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ now offers advanced visualisation, navigation, measurement, interrogation and exportation capabilities while having the ability to connect to online hosted data via either external WMS or Blom's online BlomURBEX™ and BlomURBEX3D™ platforms.

BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ provides a complete showcase of BlomURBEX™ and BlomURBEX 3D™ capabilities in terms of functionality and available datasets, including access to third party geospatial data from Blom partners. The viewer is able to display all of Blom data models, including Blom's unique database of BlomORTHO™, BlomOBLIQUE™ and Blom3D™ datasets.

This new version of BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ allows the user to connect to external WMS servers and then display public datasets on top of Blom libraries. Now it is possible to select layers from the BlomURBEX™ online connection and there are also enhancements in direct and reverse geocoding, symbology representation (with the addition of external graphical files) and features management with vector data. But, without doubt, the most exciting new feature is the integration of BlomURBEX3D™ into the tool, making it possible to have simultaneous synchronized views in 2D and 3D inside the BlomDESKTOP Viewer™.

Using BlomDESKTOP Viewer to work with 2D and 3D data simultaneously.

Using BlomDESKTOP Viewer to work with 2D and 3D data simultaneously. 

Applications for BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ are vast, from exporting imagery for evidence reports or PR purposes to use as an asset management tool. The software can be easily used throughout an organization with minimal installation effort and a small amount of training time.

BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ will update itself to version 2.0 when launched. If you do not have the application installed yet, contact your local Blom representatives to provide you a license for the application.

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