Bucharest, Sunday, March 13, 2011


Romania is facing one of the biggest challenges after land restitution in 1991 and the introduction of the cadaster law in 1996: Systematic Land Registration.

“Romania, 20 years after communism, does not have a unified and complete cadastral map and the current registration system is sporadic. The predictions to complete systematic land registration at country level by 2020 are not able to generate a real and solid country development in European context”, says Mr. Ionut Savoiu, Managing Director at BLOM Romania.

In 2006, BLOM Romania acquired a contract for Brasov Municipality, with the objective to create a spatial database that involves; ortophoto production, field survey, building cadaster, utilities network cadaster, a 3D city model and land book conversion. One of the important phases of the project is land book and land book plans conversion, data interpretation and land book identification that are the prerequisites for systematic land registration. Technical aspects are strongly connected with legal and juridical aspects. The land book system is one of the oldest cadastre and land registration system in Europe and was introduced in Romania during the Austro-Hungarian administration.

The land book conversion process requires attention, experience and good knowledge as the plans are old and sometimes written in German or Hungarian. Blom Romania Land Administration expert Costel Costineanu believes land book conversion is the first step towards systematic land registration in Romania.  Two years ago, BLOM Romania was awarded a similar project for Bistrita Municipality. After one year, in 2009, the municipality, based on Blom’s suggestion, realized the need to introduce systematic land registration.

Citizens and municipality have realized that systematic land registration is mandatory for development, increased revenues and secure ownership. After almost one year of hard work, on December 6th 2010, the First Cadastral Sector has been systematically registered and part of Bistrita citizens received the Land Book Registration. The event took place at Bistrita Municipality and was attended by the mayor in Bistrita, NACLR, OCPI Bistrita, national and local media.

The benefits of systematic land registration have been rapidly spread and three more municipalities asked for systematic land registration projects. In January 2011 Blom Romania went ahead with two more contracts for Magura Ilvei and Lunca Ilvei local administrations.

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