Oslo, Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kristiansand Municipality (KM) in Norway has signed a two-year license agreement for oblique images with Blom. Kristiansand is Norway’s fifth largest city, and Blom is proud to see their unique oblique aerial images, based on Pictometry® technology, chosen as a new key integrated component in the daily workflow within the municipality.

The delivery includes both historical data, from previous flights in 2006 and 2008, and a new flight this year covering the entire municipality. Kristiansand is one of the municipalities in Norway that has licensed full coverage of oblique images through extensions to Blom’s original smaller targets. In total 16 municipalities in Norway has acquired oblique images from Blom.

The images can be used by several departments within Kristiansand Municipality, including for example the fire department, schools and the town treasurer. The contract also allows for KM to drape the images onto 3D data models. KM will among other use the data to compare new and historical data, for treatment of cases for building and construction, to get easy access to historical data and use the images in interactive 3D models.

Acquired from multiple cameras, the Pictometry® technology brings a new perspective to oblique aerial photography available for stand alone use or integrated within GIS. Geo-referenced images provide the user with the ability to orientate, measure, see and plan to a degree not previously possible with traditional aerial photography. By combining the oblique aerial imagery with existing vector datasets, users can leverage their geographic information further.

Oblique imagery is aerial photography taken with an inclination of approx. 45º, allowing the users to visualise the facades of buildings etc. The oblique images are easier to interpret for a regular user with no previous experience with aerial photography. Oblique imagery has been developed to complement the existing vertical ortho photography, rather than replace it. Blom has captured oblique images of every urban centre in Western Europe with a population of 50,000 inhabitants or more.

The oblique images are a discontinuous set of pictures; each point of interest is covered from 5 angles; north, south, east, west and vertical. The resolution of the images from 2008 and onward, acquired by KM, is 10cm per pixel. All the images are fully geo-referenced.
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