Lyon, Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blom subsidiary in France, BlomCGR, has signed a contract with IGN, the French National Geographic Institute, for an airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) survey and production of flood models in the south of France. This is a huge project for IGN and will cover all areas at risk from flooding. Blom’s data acquisition will start imminently, and the project will be completed within one year.

Blom is proud to have been awarded this contract after a very demanding European tender process. “We are very impressed by IGN’s evaluation of our data” commented Didier Mendel, Managing Director of BlomCGR France: An extract of IGN’s technical evaluation of Blom reports “The quality and the coherence of the data provided by Blom are excellent. Blom brings under control the software and the technology, has relevant quality insurance procedures and foresees quality control for each steps of the production process”.

Flooding is a natural disaster that seems to be increasing in both occurrence and its impact. Each flood can put at risks homes, infrastructure and more importantly lives. Last year areas of France saw devastating floods that were the worst since 1827. It is reassuring that now flooding and the consequences can be monitored and water flow can be predicted. Airborne LiDAR provides altitude data with an accuracy of 10 cm or better on bare soil, providing an effective and low cost method to use when surveys of large geographical areas are required. These factors result in LiDAR being the best technology to use for flood risk mapping.

Producing flood models of areas at risk of flooding is part of an ambitious governmental project for improving the altimetric data base (RGE Alti) of the whole of France during the period 2010-2013.

This strategic contract award has been achieved thanks to Blom’s unique skills base and a wealth of experience within LiDAR technology, which has given us a leading position in this market”, comments Giovanni Banchini, CEO of Blom CGR.

Blom is able to provide a complete airborne solution, combining laser scanning with aerial imagery. The laser scanner gathers accurate data for terrain modelling while the digital camera provides imagery for quality control of the LiDAR point cloud. The imagery is also used to produce orthophotos over the area, providing IGN with a compelling solution to aide their flood mapping campaign.

For further information please contact:
Didier Mendel, Managing Director France & BeLux
Tel: +33 699 072 167

About BLOM

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About IGN

IGN’s key missions are to produce, maintain and disseminate reference geographic information in France.

Heir to a long line of cartographers, IGN has been involved in all cartography-related operations in France and its territories, since 1940. For more information, visit

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