Spain, Monday, October 24, 2011
Blom to showcase exciting new products at the 2011 Esri European User Conference in Spain

Blom to showcase exciting new products at the 2011 Esri European User Conference in Spain

Blom will be exhibiting at the 2011 Esri European User Conference (EUC) in Madrid Spain. The conference will be held October 26-28 at the North Convention Centre, IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, in Madrid, Spain.

Blom will be showcasing a wide portfolio of data, services and applications along with the tools to integrate them into the ESRI product family; increasing the benefits and productivity for all ESRI users.

Among the exciting new products being presented, Blom will be making a special emphasis on BlomSTREET™. Powered by Cyclomedia technology, BlomSTREET™ is a collection of high-resolution, spherical panoramic images taken with mobile mapping technology. They are high quality seamless images, parallax-free and exactly corrected for tilt, providing a high degree of accuracy of georeferencing and measurement of objects in the imagery. This makes BlomSTREET™ ideal for situational awareness, asset management and object surveying, and augmented reality applications.

BlomSTREET™ is also available for ESRI users via SDKs and Plug-ins, and live demos will be performed during the EUC in the Blom booth.

Blom will also present their new developments in online geodata services, showcasing their online LiDAR capabilities and other new R&D initiatives soon to be launched for Telco and Data Production, including mobile applications.

Blom continues to expand its product portfolio adding exciting new tools and capabilities for their customers, which are leveraged through Esri's ArcGIS family of products.

Magnus Olson, AVP Sales comments "Blom has a history of bringing innovative solutions to the Esri user space and we're excited about showcasing our latest offering; BlomSTREET™. Street level imagery is now common place thanks to Google Maps but the accuracy and clarity of BlomSTREET™ offers an unprecedented level of visual analysis from any online device."

About Blom

The Blom Group is the largest provider of geospatial services in Europe for both government agencies and private commercial organizations and companies. Blom owns exclusive spatial databases composed of maps, images and 3D models. Focused on online services, Blom provides data and solutions to its customers in many markets and allows its partners to create high added-value applications based on Blom data models and services. This strategy is backed by Blom's major technical capacity in aircrafts, cameras, laser scanners and mapping systems. This makes it possible for all projects to be carried out within the company, assuring a high quality product is delivered both on-time and to budget. Blom has more than 1,000 employees and offices in 13 countries and its HQ is located in Oslo, Norway. Blom is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker BLO). For more information, visit

About Cyclomedia

Cyclomedia is the market leader in the large-scale and systematic imaging of the environment based on Cycloramas (360 degree panoramic photographs). Thanks to the unique recording and processing techniques developed by Cyclomedia, each day large areas are captured on photographs and placed in an online database. Each recording is tagged with the location, orientation and time, which facilitates a large number of applications, including 3D measuring and modeling. Amongst other things, the Cycloramas are used by the central government, local authorities, provincial authorities, district water boards, the police, estate agents, financial institutions and insurance companies. User possibilities are to display photographs of the surrounding area when selling or valuing property, evaluating planning applications, evaluating the outdoor environment and for analyzing risks for insurance applications. Cycloramas are not just a standalone product; they can be used as part of various other products and solutions. The combination of experience, patented technology and strategic partnerships allows Cyclomedia to provide its customers with total solutions. Cyclomedia have more than 200 employees and offices in 10 countries, HQ is located in Waardenburg, Netherlands. Nordic office is in Gothenburg Sweden. For more information visit

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