, Saturday, January 1, 2000

Repsol integrates BlomURBEX real oblique images, improving the users’ spatial perception when using the online Repsol Guide.

Blom and Repsol, the international integrated petrol and gas company, have announced an agreement, in which Blom will provide its real oblique images for the new This website will be the new version of the previous, one of the most popular sites in Spain for consulting routes and journeys within Spain.

Thanks to this new agreement, users will be provided with a more realistic view of the world, showing in great detail every city within the national territory. In order to accomplish these requirements and meet the very strict guarantee levels that form part of the agreement, Blom will provide urban images through BlomURBEX. BlomURBEX is a platform designed to supply unique services and content based on high resolution, real images, including oblique perspectives, via Web.
The data offered by Blom covers different perspectives and formats, allowing users to choose the best view of Spanish cities, according to their needs and route.

BlomURBEX images are captured using a fleet of planes and helicopters incorporating high-tech lasers, multispectral scanners, and orthophoto and oblique imagery cameras. Thanks to this use of the latest technology, highly detailed images of thousands of Spanish and European areas, both rural and urban, are obtained.

“This important agreement demonstrates Blom’s superior resources which are supported by its broad expertise. BlomURBEX is the highest quality solution available on the market, and has set a new standard in the sector”, indicated Håkon Jacobsen, CEO of Blom. “The demand for more personal and detailed navigation solutions is growing. The end user expects more than simple vector maps and is now looking for the solution to show detail, scenery and other elements as if they were physically in that city. In other words, consumers demand more realistic views.”

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