Oslo, Wednesday, April 24, 2013
BlomSTREET™ street view imagery for inventory of bicycle lanes

BlomSTREET™ imagery makes for an excellent choice to inspect and manage pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Many municipalities see that well-designed bike paths play an important role in the quest for a sustainable society. In order to reduce car journeys it must be attractive to choose other types of transport. The bike paths available must therefore be appropriate, safe and secure. “BlomSTREET™ imagery makes for an excellent choice to inspect and manage pedestrian and bicycle paths. Street images are suitable for use in identification, measurement and assessment of mobility in the municipality's cycling network, "says Bodil Sundberg, Nordic Marketing Manager at Blom.

The Transport Administration has in its PBM Manual (pedestrian/bicycle/moped - Manual) developed standards for the operation and maintenance of pedestrian, bicycle and moped traffic. By performing an inventory of the network a consistent and comparable picture of the municipality pedestrian and bicycle paths can be achieved. It also provides a good basis for further action in order to expand and improve the pedestrian and bicycle network.

Generally, you can see several elements that are important if bike lanes should be appropriate and accessible for its users. For instance, the bike paths should be separated from car traffic. Lighting is also of great importance to provide mobility throughout the year. As a cyclist you wish to have a continuous cycle path without sharp curves and a path that contains thoughtful, clear road markings. It is also important that pedestrians and cyclists are separated to avoid unnecessary stops. "All of this information is easy to find if you have collected images of the street bicycle network," continues Bodil Sundberg.

"In order to do a thorough inventory of the cycle network BlomSTREET™ images provide a very effective tool. The images also provide a good basis for further studies and actions", explains Bodil Sundberg. "We assemble the camera on the roof of a quad which means even narrow footpaths and cycle paths can be captured, "says Bodil Sundberg.

"In the pictures you can easily determine if two cyclists can meet without encroaching on pedestrian space. It is also easy to determine whether bicycle and pedestrian traffic is separated, or if bicycle and car traffic is separated. Since it is also possible to measure in BlomSTREET™ images you can easily measure cycling, walking paths and side areas to see if they follow the guidelines that are defined. It is also easy to see if there is an obstruction due to vegetation, tunnels or sharp curves. BlomSTREET is also an ideal tool for preventing accidents and dangerous crossings", concludes Bodil Sundberg.

For more information, please contact Bodil Sundberg, mob: +46 703 60 46 82

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