Madrid, Friday, April 24, 2009
BlomURBEX® Javascript API 3.0 goes live

A new release of the BlomURBEX® JavaScript API has been uploaded to the BlomURBEX® servers.

The new version is backwards compatible with prior versions and offers new functionalities and controls, along with support for different application architectures. Some of the most important new features are: 

• The API is now available as separate functionality blocks or as a single file with all functionalities, to allow faster download of the API
• The API can use a proxy server to access BlomURBEX®, preventing the end-user to get access to the client authentication to BlomURBEX® (usertokens)
• New controls have been added, including the possibility to show metadata information and display rasterized vector information on top of images. Sample data is located in the pre-production server and can be produced based on an opportunity-by-opportunity basis
• Extra zoom is available on oblique views (digital zoom interpolating pixels) and the zoom bar size changes according to the number of available zoom levels
• More control on markers and the information pop-ups
• API supports different projections
• Improved documentation for developers

Please contact your local Blom representative for a full description of the new possibilities and features of BlomURBEX®.

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