Oslo, Friday, April 27, 2012
Stock Exchange Notification

In connection with and following the announced restructuring of Blom ASA's ("Blom" or the "Company") balance sheet, where:

· NOK 312 million of the bond loan "FRN Blom ASA Senior Secured Bond Issue 2009/2012", will be converted into equity in Blom, and the remaining NOK
35 million is exchanged into a new convertible bond loan, and

· the maturity of the NOK 50 million bond loan "FRN Blom ASA Senior Bond Issue 2011/2012" was prolonged to 30 April 2015 and the interest rate was
reduced from NIBOR + 11% to NIBOR + 5.5%;

· the Company is offering to issue new senior secured bonds due 8 February 2013 up to a maximum aggregate
amount of NOK 30,000,000. The bonds will carry a coupon of 15% p.a.

The Bonds are offered with pre-emptive rights for the bondholders in the bond loan "FRN Blom ASA Senior Bond Issue 2011/2012" (ISIN NO0010642853) as of 30
April 2012. The Company has appointed ABG Sundal Collier (the "Manager") to assist in the private placement of the bonds. The Manager has received pre-
commitments from existing bondholders in excess of NOK 20 million.

For further information please contact CEO Dirk Blaauw, on tel. +47 22 13 19 20 or CFO Lars Bakklund, tel. +47 22 13 19 34.

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