Oslo, Saturday, January 1, 2000
Stock Exchange Notification

Blom has entered into an agreement with the Portuguese navigation and electronic company NDrive Navigation Systems SA for sale of 200 000 licenses for 3DPhotoNav® for delivery in 2008.

NDrive will sell navigation products based on Blom`s technological solution in various European countries. The value of the contract is NOK 40 - 65 million.

The agreement supports the expectations Blom has to its unique databases covering around 1 000 cities in Europe and to the applications Blom has developed for Location Based Services (LBS) and navigation for mobile phones and handheld devises.

For further information please contact:

CEO, Mr. Dirk Blaauw, on tel. +47 22 13 19 23 or

CFO Jan Erik Braathen on tel. +47 22 13 19 24.

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