Oslo, Tuesday, March 17, 2009
GPS with pre installed points of interest (POI) and oblique images

NDrive, Blom and Eniro launch the first GPS with pre installed points of interest (POI) combined with software solution for navigation in oblique images.

Navigation Systems provider NDrive, digital aerial image provider Blom and provider of directory services Eniro are jointly launching, in Norway, the first Personal Navigation Device (GPS) providing real images and Gule Sider (Yellow Pages) content (POIs). The first-of-its-kind device will be available in the shops in Norway and online from March 24th 2009.

-“GPS Navigation is all about helping people find their ways. NDrive provides the software platform and devices, Blom provides the real images, and Eniro provides the directories of companies. This was the natural step to give GPS users the information they need, when they need it and where they need it”, said João Neto, President of NDrive.

Points of Interest from Gule Sider
The GPS device will provide 350 000 points of interest, available from Gule Sider in Norway, Krak in Denmark, and Eniro in Sweden and Finland. Examples of the points of interest are car repair shops, hotels, tourist information, shopping centers and theatres.

-”Gule Sider will always be available for our users. There is strong growth in the market for GPS navigators and it is natural that Gule Sider is made available also through this channel. Eniro delivering POI content ensures the user will receive first-class content for Scandinavia and Finland”, says Hans Petter Terning, Senior Executive Vice President of Eniro Norge AS.

Allows for navigation in real oblique aerial images
The new product builds on the launch of the world’s first Real Navigation® device, launched in Southern Europe earlier this year. The Real Navigation® devices allows for navigation in real oblique aerial images, in addition to traditional vector maps. Real Navigation® provides a completely different navigation experience, allowing the user to view the surroundings exactly as in reality. This new generation of navigation systems is now becoming available all over Europe.

- “We are happy to see Eniro, and Gule Sider, expanding the use of our oblique image database. This proves the value of our database to the leading search company in the Nordic market”, Blom’s CEO Håkon Jacobsen says, continuing “At the same time we are excited that navigation devices with our unique oblique imagery now will be available to the Norwegian market”. 

The GPS products, NDRIVE G280R and NDRIVE G800R, will be available in retail chains in Norway, in addition to through and from March 24th 2009.

For more information, please contact:

Blom ASA: Jan Erik Braathen, CFO
+47 22 13 19 24 / / 59° 55' 19'' N - 10° 50' 31.5'' E

NDRIVE was founded in 2001 in Portugal, and is fully dedicated to the development and marketing of Navigation Systems. NDRIVE provides leading personal navigation software, products and services. The software helps people to find destinations more quickly and easily, with highly-accurate and detailed digital maps all over the world. NDRIVE has developed several innovations on the GPS market, including Real Navigation, and its software supports both dedicated Personal Navigation Devices and Mobile Phones with OEM licensing models. 

Eniro is the leading search company in the Nordic media market. With directories, directory assistance, Internet and mobile services, Eniro makes it easy to find people, businesses and products. Eniro’s markets are Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Eniro’s Norwegian market include the brands Gule Sider®, Kvasir®, Telefonkatalogen™, Proff™, Ditt Distrikt®, Din Bydel™ og SOL®.
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