Oslo, Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Mobile Mapping now offered in Nordic countries

Blom has recently added Mobile Mapping (car laser) to our product offering in the Nordic countries. The system has been used for a number of projects in the UK and will be capturing data on and along roads in Norway, Sweden and Finland in the near future.

Mobile mapping has become a popular mapping method, especially for road and infrastructure projects. The system secures effective data capture with high density (750-1000 p/m2) and high accuracy. The processing workflow is quite similar to our airborne activities and we expect many clients to combine Mobile Mapping data with laser and/or imagery from our helicopter or airplane solutions.

Some sample applications are:

  • Asset inventory & Management - Effective digitization and asset inventory for export and use in GIS systems
  • Topographic mapping for engineering - Detailed topographic mapping for Highway Design applications
  • Safety fence assessment - Road designers and maintainers can check compliance of safety barrier heights
  • Surface profiling & drainage - Positioning, LiDAR, video and mapping enable highway designers to map road surface contours and drainage profiles
  • Vegetation Management - Better understanding, planning and management of when vegetation must be cut
  • Signs & road marking – Frequent and low cost control and monitoring of signs and road markings

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