Oslo, Saturday, January 1, 2000

Blom has entered into a distribution agreement with IGN France for distribution of the Pictometry dataset in the French market.

IGN is the French mapping and cartographic public body and the principal mission of IGN is to ensure the production, maintenance and distribution of referenced geographical information in France. All the products and services (as consultancy) of IGN are sold by a direct sales network composed of 16 regional agencies distributed on the French territory and a national account agency based in Paris. IGN is excited about expanding their product portfolio and IGN’s Product and Marketing Manager Pierre Nouaille-Degorce, says that “with Pictometry we will develop our business by offering an outstanding solution for everyone who needs accurate sight of an area”.

IGN represents a strong partner for Blom in the French market, especially within the Public Sector and Local Authorities segments, and we are very pleased to have two strong and mainly complementary partners such as IGN and Infoterra as our Pictometry partners in France” says Blom’s Business Development Director Arne Saugstad.

For more information please contact:
Business Development Director Arne Saugstad at Phone: +47 22 13 19 27 or email:

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