Stockholm, Wednesday, September 5, 2012
The City of Malmö creates new opportunities with BlomSTREET technology

The City of Malmö has been using street view technology BlomSTREET™ - powered by Cyclomedia since early 2012. The 2011 BlomSTREET™ imagery covers the entire city of Malmö and contains more than 300,000 single street view images.

"Currently it is mainly the City Planning and Road Departments who make use the imagery in their operations, but we envision that all departments will soon benefit from this versatile product ", says Allan Almqvist, city engineer for the City of Malmö.

BlomSTREET™ is captured from ground level, resulting in a comprehensive, high resolution and geo referenced library of 360-degree panoramic images developed for professional users. The data is provided with an easy to use software package that enables 3D measurements and visualization of 2D and 3D information directly from the imagery.

Allan Almqvist discussed Malmö’s reasoning for choosing BlomSTREET - “The Blom product provides many advantages over other commercially available street view imagery products. Blom has provided the tools to integrate BlomSTREET™ into our general mapping portal, Malmö city atlas. This means that all of our geographical data is visible within the same system, combining with our existing maps, orthophotos, oblique images and now street views. This really reduces training costs and makes it extremely easy for any of our employees to use the data.” adds Allan Almqvist.

This technology has been developed by CycloMedia and the data capture is performed by Blom using two cameras and a GPS (Globally Positioning System) mounted on the roof of a specially adapted car.

"The benefits of BlomSTREET™ are that we can integrate the data into our own systems. We have full control over the frequency and which streets or bicycle paths we choose to capture. Measurement function, metadata and the ability to add vectors in the BlomSTREET™ imagery are all key elements of the products“, concluded Allan Almqvist.

Jens Ekander, an architect at Malmö City uses BlomSTREET™ every day. "Visualisation and measurements are often required to form an understanding of an existing site. So by using BlomSTREET™ I can quickly get a feel for a house or a street. For me Blom’s imagery is a great help".

Another continuous BlomSTREET™ user is Peter Ahlström, GIS Engineer at Malmö City. "Because the imagery has such a high resolution it is very helpful in multiple situations to interpret orthophotos and field sketches."

"I use the imagery for updating the primary map and as verification when I edit data from field measurements. I also make additional measurements myself, so it gives me the opportunity to see what it looks like on the ground and can therefore act as quality control" reported Peter Ahlström.

For more information about BlomSTREET™, contact your local Blom office.

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