Oslo, Tuesday, January 8, 2013

«Photogrammetry reborn”, “multiray photogrammetry”, “dense matching” and “single pixel correlation» are terms and expressions that are gaining popularity and are increasingly used in the technical mapping community.

Blom is actively taking part in these developments and is offering a number of useful and cost efficient products and services based on these latest developments.

So what is the valuable advice?

We recommend that you carefully consider the overlap in your photogrammetric mapping projects that will be flown in 2013! To exploit the full potential of the latest photogrammetric developments a forward overlap of 70% - 80% and sideways overlap of 60% is needed. This is especially important for city areas!

Blom’s mapping experts are ready to give you the best advice on how to plan and fly your mapping projects in 2013. Don’t miss out on the fantastic DSM generation, TRUE ORTHOPHOTOS and 3D modeling possibilities that are now attainable through modern photogrammetry! A higher overlap in the captured images will give you the best basis for very impressive, useful and accurate geographical information in 2013!

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