Spain, Thursday, December 1, 2011
Version 5.0 of the BlomURBEX JavaScript API has been launched

A new version of the BlomURBEX JavaScript API has been launched with a great set of new, powerful features. 

BlomURBEX™, Blom geoserver platform, has many tools and interfaces for accessing the rich contents of the platform and create powerful, value-added solutions. One of the most extended of these tools is the JavaScript API. This API (Application Programmers Interface) offers an integrated map control that handles natively all our datasets, including natural oblique imagery, with the full power and performance of the BlomURBEX™ geoserver. The BlomURBEX JavaScript API is the recommended tool for web developers and customers such as Guia Repsol or Via Michelin are currently using it on their websites, managing thousands of daily access. 

This new release of the JavaScript API offers the following new functionalities: 

  • New icons and control layout in the Map Control, inherited from the BlomWEB Viewer™ application.
  • Routing API, including selection of shortest/fastest route and route by car/pedestrian. This service is provided by Blom partners: UbiEst and OnYourMap
  • New vertical façade measurement functionality and control.
  • New functions to get information about the user:
    • GetUserAvailableBaselayers
    • GetUserAvailableOverlays
    • GetUserBlomSTREETCredentials
  • Added two new parameters on GetUserAvailableData for requesting the year and extents of the user data retrieved.
  • New API for POI management
  • New Annotations functions, allowing for rendering points, polylines, polygons and text over the maps.
  • New Handler for drawing circles on the screen.
  • Measurement functions now only show one decimal digit.
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