Oslo, Thursday, January 3, 2013
Visualization of laser data

When laser data has been captured and processed, primary focus is to make sure the full potential of the laser data is utilized. Laser is increasingly used for planning and visualization of all types of infrastructure projects (constructions, utility, roads etc.) Contour lines are still being generated and used from the laser point cloud, but more direct and advanced use of the laser data is steadily becoming more commonplace.

Laser data is a fast, accurate and cost efficient method for illustrative purposes. It can be used to show the existing terrain as well as the future situation during and after the construction process. When assigned color values from imagery onto the laser point cloud, the point cloud itself becomes as a very natural 3D model. Based on the point cloud with such natural colors, you can easily create illustrative snap shots from all angles and zoom levels. If the laser point cloud is classified you can modify and add more layers to illustrate an effect. Classified data means that all the laser points are sorted based on different classifications such as ground, vegetation, buildings etc. Another feature is the ability to portray a model of a building or construction into the point cloud.

Visualizations like this can be a very helpful supplement in an application process where the aim is to get a license to build, for example, a hydropower plant. The visual impact is one of the most important factors in the assessment process. A proper visualization helps decision makers get the right impression of the future interventions and secures that decisions are made based on the correct information.

Moreover, visualizations can be an important tool to use when communicating with people who are not used to understand traditional maps or technical plans. Øyvind Andresen, project manager at Clemens Kraft, states that “being able to support a license application with a realistic visualization of the future construction is a powerful support and secures that decisions are made on a realistic basis”.


Please contact your local Blom office for more information on how we can assist you with visualizing laser data!
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