United Kingdom, Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Where were you standing? Blom UK takes personalised aerial imagery of Glastonbury festival

For the past 10 years Blom UK have been providing mapping and aerial imagery services to the Glastonbury Festival organisers, and this year provided no exception.
The imagery and mapping has mainly been used in the build-up to the festival for planning the retail outlets, logistics and other tasks.

But, this year, Blom UK made a special visit, live, during the festival on Sunday afternoon. Whilst Paul Simon was on the Pyramid Stage, the Blom aircraft silently slipped overhead capturing some incredible aerial images of the site. With the onboard mapping camera, the resulting images show the details of the exact spot where each person stood during the show.

To purchase any of Blom UK's Glastonbury images please visit the Bluesky MapShop or contact our Product Manager Kim Wall at Blom UK on +44 (0) 1934 311 000.

The images also show the event to be a true 'rural city' as it is the same high quality as the MetroHD™ cityscape images from the newly launched BlomMETRO™ product suite. For more details on BlomMETRO™, contact Blom UK at, take a look at the Blom UK Blog at, or check out our main website:

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