Production Facilities & Resources

Blom has great capability to supply huge amounts of geodata to the market due to their expertise and highly experienced man power, up-to-date technical equipment and modern production centres. A focused effort to master cutting edge technologies and a continuous improvement of the production facilities requires huge investments, but ensures the highest efficiency and productivity, as well as keeping Blom in the forefront of their business areas.

Production centres

Most offices within the Blom Group have in-house production capacity to produce smaller projects whilst also performing final quality assurance of larger projects produced in the production centres. Blom has two dedicated production centres in Romania and Indonesia. Blom also carefully monitors new developments and has the flexibility to use the most appropriate hardware and software to meet all customer requirements.


The Blom Group has one of the largest and most versatile aircraft fleet in Europe which enables Blom to meet all customer needs with respect to accuracy, altitude, resolution, medium and area. Blom's resources include pressurised cabins enabling projects to be undertaken from both high and low altitude. Conventional aerial imagery activities use a number of aircraft based throughout Europe, enabling the company to mobilise at short-notice to any location in a short time period. All aircraft are equipped with equipment including survey cameras (digital and analogue), laser scanners (LiDAR) and hyper spectral scanners, providing the ability to acquire imagery in both the visible and non-visible parts of the light spectrum.  

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