In October 2008 Blom shot from the air the Bulgarian sea coast. Aerial photographs covering almost the whole Bulgarian Black Sea coast - 2265 sq. km and includes all Black Sea resorts, including: Varna, Bourgas, Pomorie, Balchik, Nessebar, Kavarna, Tsarevo, Sozopol, Primorsko, Byala, Ravda, Chernomorets, Obzor, Ahtopol, Kranevo, Varvara, Albena, Golden Sands , Chaika, St. Constantine and Elena, Shkorpilovtsi, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Aheloy.

Below is a one sample from the thousands of photographs taken. The image is compressed and further processed for fast and convenient browsing.

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You can move the image in different directions by moving the mouse and holding the left button. 
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Blom offers aerial photographs of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in high resolution in both hardcopy and digital format.
Aerial high-resolution images are ideal for examination of buildings and parcels from the bird's eye view. They also allow both the details of small objects and views of sites covering larger areas such as villages, towns, resorts, communities, rivers and lakes. 

You can order air high-resolution harcopies in various sizes and in digital format on CD for historical property records.


If you want to order aerial photos of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, send a request to the office at the following data:
Address / area you are interested
Format - print / digital (TIF / JPEG)
Other requirements
Contact phone

You also can order aerial photos and low resolution digital format - perfect for the Internet. 

Aerial photographs of Blom find wide application in various fields such as marketing, advertising, ads of real estate, environmental studies, design, engineering, architecture and construction, geographic information systems, legal services, insurance. Useful information can be obtained about real estate, construction sites, buildings, land, coastline, roads, nature, travel and entertainment complexes, hotels, factories, etc.
From the aerial photographs we can offer you: 

• Digital maps 
• Orthophoto plans 
• Analog maps and plans
• Databases
• Geographic Information Systems

Blom uses advanced high-tech equipment to ensure professional quality aerial photographs.

Blom has good understanding of the keys to successful business. From planning to advertising - the aerial photographs of Blom work for you: 

• Looking from sky high 
• Make marketing effectively 
• Offer real estate with full view 
• Plan / monitor the progress of construction sides
• Customize reports with visual presentation
• Provide the "big picture" 
• Save the visual evidence

If you want to order aerial photos of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, send a request to the office at the following data: 
• Address / area you are interested 
• Format - print / digital (TIF / JPEG) 
• Size 
• Other requirements 
• Contact phone

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