BlomDESKTOP Viewer™

BlomDESKTOP Viewer™

The BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ is a window desktop application that allows the user to work with geospatial data offline or via an online connection. The functionality within the BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ offers advanced visualisation, navigation, measurement, interrogation and exportation capabilities while having the ability to connect with the BlomURBEX™ geoserver.

BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ is a powerful tool that provides a full integration between Blom’s products and the users own data sources, including aerial imagery, vector data and raster’s. This is a complete end-user application that was developed from feedback from Blom’s own clients on what they actually required within a geospatial data viewer. The ability to view a mixture of datasets, measure, export and annotate provides clients with a stable basis to use their geospatial data throughout their organisation in intuitive and innovated ways.

There are many applications for the BlomDESKTOP Viewer™, through many different market sectors and with a wide range of products. It has been designed for professional users that require a viewer to manage Blom’s data for purposes such as Cadastral management, Land administration and exportation of imagery for report illustrations.


  • Urban planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Route planning
  • Export of imagery for reports / media purposes
  • Emergency call centers
  • Disaster response planning
  • Property taxation evaluation
  • Insurance assessment and risk analysis
  • Property appraisal
  • Illustration & documentation

Demos & Downloads

BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ Product Sheet
BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ software
BlomDESKTOP Viewer™ Reference Guide


BlomDESKTOP Viewer

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