Blom Online Services

With the increasing use of the Internet for business use, organizations are embracing the use of geospatial data as part of their daily activities. However, the processing and management of the large volume of information rarely forms part of the company's core business and can cause the company additional costs. Blom serves geospatial data efficiently into applications, organizations, and consumers.

The advantages of using hosted data rather than local data are…

  • No requirement to purchase additional server space to store local data
  • Reduces the requirement for duplicate datasets across companies
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance
  • Reduces problems intrinsic to formats, projections, metadata, etc.

Blom is aware of their client’s requirements and seeks to offer them a proposal that is clearly distinct from the other offers on the market, complementing their data with value-added services that provides the complete package that exceeds customer requirement.

The Blom group provides two online information servers: BlomURBEX™ and BlomURBEX 3D™, designed to provide geospatial services through an extensive set of standardized interfaces on which multiple value-added services can be offered.

BlomURBEX demo

A sample of our service can be viewed through our BlomURBEX demo viewer.

Blom Information Services Product pyramid

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