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Blom Portugal

Blom is the largest European player in the collection and processing of high quality geographic information. The company possesses a unique database of images and map data, and develops applications for among other navigation and location based services based on the databases.

Blom is employing more than 1,000 experienced staff located in offices and production units in 18 countries throughout Europe and in Indonesia. Blom unique capabilities centre on its ability to provide solutions which meet the client's needs and expectations.
Blom operates on the Portuguese market through its subsidiary Blom Portugal. Over the years Blom Portugal became a reference company on the Portuguese market, on the several areas where it develops the business.
Actually Blom Portugal has, among others, projects in areas such as Webservices, GIS, LiDAR, aerial photography, mapping production, cadastre, consulting, supervision and quality control.
Blom Portugal has reference costumers in Central, Regional and Local Administrations, utilities, transportation, infrastructures and communication areas, among others.

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